Italian Frittata

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It’s lunchtime!!

As I’m a student, I love a quick, easy and healthy lunch. If I’m at home, I have more possibilities and options for food, so then I like to be a bit more creative.

Today I made this lovely italian frittata.

The best things happen when I just try and I’m pretty happy with the result.

I don’t stick to a certain diet, I just try to be healthy and to put nutricious food into my body.

This recipe could easily be adopted for a late weekend breakfast or a brunch.

I hope you enjoy it!

xx Lisa

Recipe Italian Frittata


3 eggs
splash of milk (any sort you like, I used rice milk)
sea salt
dash of black pepper
1 tomato
1 half of a zucchini
1 hand full of spring onion
fresh basil

  1. Mix the eggs and the milk in a bowl and season it.
  2. Chopp all the veggies, so you’re prepared.
  3. Heat a bit of ghee or olive-oil in a pan. When heated, add the egg mixture.
  4. When it starts to thicken a little bit, you top it with your veggies.
  5. Leave it on a medium heat until it’s ready to flip.
  6. Use a plate as help for the flip. We don’t want any accidents in the kitchen 😉
  7. Cook it for a few minutes on the other side, so this one can be done as well.
  8. In the end, you just flip it again, directly on the plate and voila! Here’s your Italian Frittata.
  9. Bon appetito!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset



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